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Last november I did something I never thought anyone would ever convince me to. I did a three day 1 on 1 workshop for a very persistant australian photographer. This is one of her results she just finished, beautiful Reina Sawai of Vienna State Ballet by Liz Riley.The whole thing was pretty intensive and consisted of a portfolio review, watching a ballet from the wings, going out with the dancers, shooting two demi soloists of Vienna State Ballet in the studio under my guidance, experiencing a live performance of four ballerinas from SND for an art project of my friend Casanova Sorolla, post production and many hours of Q&A. Turned out to be a great experience for everyone involved!
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I surf the net every day and i read a lot of body-positive articles. All of them say that everyone are beautiful. Tall or shot, thin or fat and so on. I understand, that i agree. Yes. Everyone are beautiful. Evrybody. Exept me. I am ugly. I had know it since childhood. And i know it know. It took me 15 year to understand that “ugly” is just a discription. Somebody can say “you are not self-confident enough”. But it isn’t right. I am self-confident and i don’t let someone to make me sad because of my appearance.

All these words are common and right for all the descriptions and part of you. It doesn’t matter if you are ugly, fat, too tall or not tall enough and so on, don’t let anyone upsets you. Your body, your appearance, mind or charachter are only yours! And only you can critisies them.

Love yourself, because you are the closest person for you. you and yourself will be together during all your life!

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